Garmin nüvi 1350LMT 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates

Garmin nüvi 1350LMT 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates Price Details:

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This Garmin 1350LMT Nuvi GPS features a sunlight-readable, 4.3-inch display that is easy to read. The widescreen GPS includes free Lifetime Maps and Traffic. In addition, this thin GPS announces streets by name, guides you to the proper lane for navigation, offers pedestrian navigation options and calculates a more fuel-efficient route with ecoRoute™.

Technical Details

  • includes_lifetime_map_updates

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 0.6 x 4.8 x 2.9 inches ; 1 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
  • ASIN: B003ZX8B0U
  • Item model number: 010-00782-2E
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Customer Reviews

Very good but . . . .

 October 16, 2009
By mitch053
I have this unit for 10 days now and overall I am very happy with it. For its mainstream feature, navigation, it is excellent. I had a Garmin 350 before this which I loved but it was stolen from my car. I had a Magellan after that which was crap. The price on this unit was great ($247 – Amazon).

I chose it over the 1390T because I opted to not get bluetooth. It is the only difference between the units. I felt the bluetooth quality would be poor based on other reviews of bluetooth in general on GPS units. The main reason was in the way most people use bluetooth. In a typical day I am in and out of my car often. I always need my bluetooth immediately in case I get a call. I don’t always need my GPS. And since my previous unit was stolen, and theft of these units is a big problem everywhere, I keep the unit hidden or sometimes remove it from the car. So if you are like me but you get this unit for bluetooth, you will need to stop and mount your gps everytime you get in the car whether you need it or not, just to have blue tooth capability. If you forget and the cell phone rings, you have no bluetooth. So I purchased a separate bluetooth speaker phone from Jabra (very good unit# which is always attached to my visor, pretty good quality, and always there when I need it. I saved about $75 by opting for the 1350T over the 1390T.

A few minor disappointments. The Lane Assist feature works great but is not available everywhere. I used it around NYC and it was helpful. I drove through Pennsylvania and upstate NY and it was not available. Marketing material hypes this feature but they neglect to tell you this one point. But when it is available, it is a great feature. That brings me to traffic. Same story here. I was driving through PA and hit a 1 hour traffic jam. No warnings from the traffic feature because it was not available in that area. When I got to the Scranton, PA area the traffic alerts started working. It alerted me of a major traffic jam ahead and it even rerouted my trip automatically. The reroute would have been a significant addition in miles but would be worth it to avoid the traffic, right? I decided to ignore the re-route just to test the unit to see if the alert was accurate and I was willing to endure the traffic. As I drove my original route, no traffic anywhere. So had I listened to the traffic alert, I would have driven 50 miles out of my way for nothing. Bottom line is, don’t let the traffic feature be a deal breaker for the unit you choose. But then again, I got the 1350T for about the same price as the 1350 #same unit without traffic). Updating the map was more difficult than it should have been. I consider myself a very technical person with computers and gadgets but the map update did not go smoothly and took me several tries. I could see where many people will have difficulty with this if they attempt to update the map.

Mostly Impressive – But Some Quibbles

 June 30, 2009
By R. Anderson
Overall, I am very satisfied with the Garmin nuvi 1350 but I do have a couple of minor complaints.

First of all, I do recommend that owners/potential buyers visit the Garmin web site to read through all of the product information and to review the FAQs. Some folks have made an issue of Garmin not including the USB cable with the device but this did not matter to me. The required cable is a standard type “A” to mini “B” USB cable. Many other devices use this same cable and I already own a couple of them. (I also heard that if you contact Garmin customer service, they may send you a cable at no charge.) Other reasons to visit the Garmin site: to register the product, to download the full PDF manual and to install the “my Garmin Agent Plugin” for web updates.

Next, my quibbles:
When the 1350 is plugged into a charging device (PC or vehicle), there is no way to determine when the unit is fully charged. This is very inconvenient. To view the charge level, you have to unplug the device and turn it on. Only then can you see the battery level. According to the Garmin FAQs, charge time is about 4 hours using the vehicle cable and 8 hours using the PC cable.
One of the features of the 1350 is the speed limit display. However, I find this to be of limited value. The speed display is frequently 5 to 10 mph too high compared with the actual posted speeds on the roads being traveled. As a result, this throws off the estimated destination arrival time.

Finally, why I am impressed:
When driving with the 1350, I never had any doubt where I was at any given time and I never had any doubt what my next maneuver would be (and isn’t this the bottom line of any GPS?). The voice commands have plenty of volume, are easy to understand and they also give you adequate lead time for upcoming turns. The commands will also repeat but the voice is not annoying. Several times, I deliberately missed a turn to test how the 1350 would respond. It quickly calculated a revised route based on my current location.
I also found the screen to be clear and easy to see while driving (in bright sun, shade and at night).
The full manual states that a PDA type stylus can be used for the touch screen. I found this to be convenient (I’m actually using a stylus from a Nintendo DS.) While you can certainly use your finger on the screen, this will leave fingerprints and smudges on the screen.

Other notes:
I have the 1350 sitting on my dash with the Garmin “Portable Friction Mount” – highly recommended.
My 1350 came with a free case – the Caselogic MGPS-2. This case adequately protects the 1350 when it’s not being used.

Overall, this has been a great purchase for my business travels and I would rate the unit as four and a half stars.


 March 14, 2011
By Sarah
I just got this item, and am glad I didn’t get any additional stands or charging cables. On the site, there is no information about what it comes with. Just thought I’d inform everyone that it comes with the suction cup mount, usb cable, and car charger. I was actually considering buying these things, but decided to wait until I got the box.
Turns out, I saved over $25 by waiting. :)
Thought someone might like this info.

Good but some problems!

 February 19, 2010
By Cheryl M. Todd
After using my friend’s Nuvi in Scotland last year I said I have to have one of these! It worked great and saved us many lost hours while effortlessly assisting us through hundreds of poorly signed round-abouts. He had a basic but very reliable Nuvi without many features other than direction finding, which is the main idea. I wanted a reliable Nuvi but with a few of the more interesting features. After reading reviews I eliminated the 700 & 800 series because of all the reported freezes. I eliminated any with bluetooth functions for the same reason. After a lot of reviewing I went with the 1350T. I wanted lane assist and I wanted cityXplorer mapping because we go overseas a lot and I wanted to have enhanced pedestrian capabilities. I live in a rural town so free traffic alerts wasn’t too important but I do spend time in Phoenix, San Diego and LA occasionally so it was a plus.

I ordered the unit just prior to a trip from Phoenix to Sacramento. I’m a manual reader so I printed a copy of the instructions from the Garmin web site and read them thoroughly before messing with the unit (the quick start instructions included with the unit are worthless). Before doing anything else I bought a USB cable so that I could connect to my computer. Everyone should have the cable and it’s ridiculous that Garmin doesn’t provide the cable with the unit because you need it to register and get current software. Once I had the cable I connected to Garmin’s web site and registered the unit and updated the maps and firmware. It’s a little tricky but not too difficult…and I’m not very technical. I also purchased and downloaded radar detection software because Phoenix, Tucson and much of Arizona is loaded with scum-sucking radar detectors. I also did the screen calibration on page 47 of the manual because several reviews indicated that it made the touch screen interface much more reliable. I wanted to take some out-of-the-way highways on my trip so I programmed in some “via points” to use along the way. These are points that allow you to divert to another location or highway while keeping the same ultimate destination programmed. The night before the trip I was playing with the unit checking out the “browse map” function. It seemed to be a worthless function and it wasn’t responsive with the screen being too small to be useful anyway. Just as I was about to get out of the browse mode the screen went dark. The unit was fully charged but I could not turn it back on again. I tried with the car plug adaptor, the USB cable, the on/off button…everything. The next morning before my trip it still wouldn’t start. I sent the unit back and requested a replacement. After getting the replacement I went through the same processes again as outlined above except that I won’t use the “browse map” function again. I took the unit on a trip from No. Arizona to Orange County then San Diego and back again. For the most part the unit worked very well. It did freeze once and the screen went dark again when I was programming in a location. I waited about 10 minutes and to my great relief it did restart but I was about to toss it out the window if it didn’t restart. One time in a very complicated freeway interchange in San Diego it lost position and started “recalculating”. If I had not known where I was going I could have easily taken the wrong offramp.

While traveling through Riverside, CA the Garmin indicated that there was some traffic ahead. I touched the screen to see the traffic map and the screen indicated the length and time of the potential delay. It was a short delay so I continued on and it turned out to be very accurate. I was impressed but another time in San Diego it indicated a short delay and there was no delay at all. So, just be aware that it’s only as good as the information it receives from the reporting station.

For fun I also wanted to load some thumbnail pictures for my home and family destination “favorites”. I could find no directions on how to do this, even in the full manual printout so I called Garmin. It’s easy to do. Just connect your Nuvi to your computer, double click the Garmin icon and open the Garmin folder. There is a jpeg folder in the Garmin folder. Drag your jpeg photo and drop into the jpeg folder. Then eject and disconnect your Garmin. To add the picture to a “favorite” select “favorite”; “press for more”; press “edit”; “change photo”; select a photo and you’re done.

I noticed that when going to a location and returning the directions to and from are not always the same. It sometimes sends you slightly out of the way either coming or going. I think that’s because it seems to have a penchant for giving you right turns instead of left turns when starting out from a location. For instance, when departing from a shopping center it might have you make a right turn leaving the center, rather than making a left turn, even if it’s slightly out of the way. It’s not a big deal but I find that curious.

I know a lot of people don’t want to read the long manual but in my opinion it will save you a lot of early aggravation and will help you use all of the nice features this unit has. I have also found that if you take your time and don’t start pushing functions before the unit has made a calculation or transitioned to another screen the unit is more reliable.

1. Volume works great. I’m hard of hearing and 70% is plenty loud.
2. Satellite response time is quick and recalculating time is generally very responsive
3. Lane assist is a great feature especially on major thoroughfares and freeways.
4. Speaks street names clearly and is surprisingly close on correct pronunciation. (Spanish street names can be fun though). Male & Female voice available.
5. Shows posted speed limit and actual driving speed which is a great feature.
6. Turn list viewing is a nice feature especially in unfamiliar areas with a lot of turns ahead.
7. I like the time or distance to destination feature. The time estimates to a destination have been quite accurate. It’s a nice feature especially on long legs.

1. No USB cable included
2. No manual (you must print from web site and it’s over 60 pages).
3. May lose power and not restart for some time (or not at all as with my 1st unit). This is the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.
4. Even though I made the screen calibration, when typing in addresses some of letters don’t response as easily as they should.
5. Browse Map feature glitchy and worthless.

Update 6/25/12: It’s been two years since I purchased this item and it is working perfectly. I have not had any more problems with the unit going dark or losing power or having to restart. For whatever reason this issue has just gone away. I have also purchased an additional mapping chip for a trip to Italy. The unit worked great on major roads and highways but when exploring in the old rural countryside there were a lot of bad directions. I asked an Italian woman about this and she said very few locals use GPS because the mapping software is notoriously unreliable on all GPS units. I also purchased a chip for Ireland on a trip there and the unit worked great! It was very reliable and a real time and stress saver. I received a message from Garmin that there was an update on the mapping software so I purchased the update and wish I hadn’t. I found that the previous mapping was more accurate than the update. Also the update file was so large that I was unable to include mapping for Canada. I rarely go to Canada but I never would have purchased the update had I known the mapping and file size issues. I still love this unit though and would buy a similar Garmin product in the future.

Garmin 1350LMT

 February 19, 2011
By SoulShadow
I’ve had a Garmin for several years now, just the no bells and whistles model. It has been a life saver and I love the product. I just ordered the 1350LMT in lieu of paying for updated maps and because the car plug in quit working properly and the unit kept shutting off while trying to reach my destination. So far the 1350 model proves to do be a very reliable product. I haven’t used the traffic feature yet, but I have read that it isn’t that great, perhaps after use I will post again. The touchscreen works great, the sound is good and I was happy with it’s overall performance. Here’s a huge warning!!! Make sure you read the instructions with your unit and follow them. DO NOT REGISTER OVER THE PHONE!!!! There is a note that if you Register over the phone and/or if you DO NOT Register within 60 days of your first use, then you will lose your lifetime map updates!!!!! I personally thought that was sneaky and underhanded, if I wasn’t so anal as to read the instruction booklet I could’ve screwed myself out of the lifetime map feature and that was one element that was very important to me since I use the Garmin for my job every day. I love the fact that this unit speaks the street names, it’s a very helpful feature.

Had to contact Garmin Tech Support to Calibrate 1350T

 November 24, 2009
By Charles E. Sherwood
Let me be perfectly clear…I really like my new Garmin 1350T GPS.

The only difficulty I had after taking it out of the box and charging it for the first time was a problem in having the GPS “easily “recognize” exactly what available screen (option/letter/number, etc.) that I was “pointing” to on the touchscreen. I thought I had a defective unit so I contacted Garmin’s free Tech Support. The technician took me through an easy, yet undocumented (to me at least) calibration procedure that only took a minute or so. Since then the unit has performed as advertised.

Also…You NEED to have a cable with a standard USB connection on one end & a Mini-USB connection on the other end. Garmin DOES NOT automatically include this cable in the box along with the 1350T. Without this cable, you can’t connect this GPS to your computer in order to register it online or receive your free updated (if available) mapping or operational software.

Be advised also that not ALL USB/Mini-USB cables are alike. These cables may all LOOK the same but there really are TWO different types. One will only let electric current through in order to charge your internal GPS battery, while the other will not only charge the battery, BUT WILL ALSO carry data back and forth between your computer and the 1350T. Be sure to obtain the kind of cable that can perform BOTH functions.

A groovy Nuvi!

 September 5, 2010
By Christopher Potts
So far, I like the Garmin nüvi 1300LM 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator.

I’m a newbie to the GPS world. As a local professional truck driver, I finally decided instead of purchasing maps for areas I’m unfamilar with, I’d spring for a GPS unit.

Why a Garmin? Well, I narrowed it down to between a Garmin and a TomTom. I actually was leaning towards the TomTom XXL 540TM 5-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator (Lifetime Traffic & Maps Edition) until I learned that the Garmin units do a much better job at finding addresses the likes of N1234 W9876 Booneyville Rd. There are GPS units available for truckers, however, the price tag is a bit north of my budget. Since I’m generally familiar with the roads I travel on, I decided to stick with a lower-priced model and download POI’s (Points-of-Interest) associated with the trucking community such as low bridges, truck stops, etc. The lifetime maps bundled into this unit was the deal-maker for me. I plan on keeping this unit for a long time (got a 2-year accident replacement plan on it).

I purchased the unit yesterday and my family and I have used it for shopping purposes yesterday and today. We sure had a chuckle when we switched the unit’s voice to German and tried to follow the directions. Anyway, here’s the skinny on the 1300 LM.

20-seconds after switching the unit on, you’re ready to choose either “Where to?” (getting/typing directions) or “View Map” (to see where you are). The touch screen is nice–it responds well to your touches. Of course, if you’re not use to a touch screen (or have fat fingers), it may take a while for you to get comfortable with it. The screen is bright enough–even in direct sunlight (keep in mind that most screens wash out a bit in direct sunlight). You can manually control screen brightness or have the nuvi 1300LM adjust it automatically for you. Volume control in an automobile is more than adequate. We had the radio on mid-way and could still hear the text-to-speech instructions clearly at 80% of the volume.

Actual navigation was impressive. Then again, I’m new to the GPS world. The GPS navigation tried to steer us on a different route a few times (we knew the shorter route) but quickly recalculated the route after giving up on the route it wanted to take us (even though we had the “faster time” option selected). The 4.3-inch screen is fine for viewing. While a 5-inch screen would probably be beneficial for driving an 18-wheeler or RV, I’m sure I won’t have any problems with the 4.3-inch screen.

After giving it a spin straight-out-of-the-box, I later downloaded both software updates and map updates at [...] using “myDashboard”. I had 4-6 successive software updates (why can’t they bundle them as one?) followed by a map update. The entire process took somewhere between 4-5 hours on a DSL line. Not a big deal since I knew it would take some time to get the latest updates. By the way, Garmin has included a mini-USB cord to connect the 1300LM to your computer. The sales technician sold me a cord (which I returned) because he wasn’t aware that Garmin has decided to start including the cord with certain (or all) GPS units.

My family doesn’t plan on using the cityXplorer feature (fee-based) to navigate various cities by foot. However, eventually, we like to tour Washington, DC by walking and the Nuvi 1300LM presumably would be handy to have for that trip.

In summary, if you don’t need bluetooth in your GPS unit (I’ve heard volume levels are very iffy in GPS bluetooth units) and you don’t rely on traffic updates a lot (traffic is a hit/miss type of thing with a GPS unit from what I can determine), the Garmin Nuvi 1300LM just may be the unit you’re looking for.

If warranted, I’ll update this post after I’ve used the 1300LM in my big-rig.

P.S. The Garmin Portable Friction Mount (bean-bag) works great. Keep in mind that the cord from your cigarette lighter plugs into the garmin unit itself rather than the mount. Over time, I can see how that connection could become compromised with repeated plug-in/plug-out action. However, the mount itself seems very stable in warm weather. I would guess it will also do fine in colder weather.

Buy Now Garmin nüvi 1350LMT 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates Only $139.21

Garmin nüvi 1350LMT 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates